Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year
Almost four years online and I keep finding more insane monster related stuff to show you. And considering the gigs worth of material I have sitting around that I still need to put on here, there's no slowing down anytime soon. Lots to come in 2010.

Postcard found thanks to Matthew Kirscht.
Pages From The Monster Times

Be Strong LPC: Doing The Right Thing Is The Right Thing To Do

It's not because the OLO wrongly wanted an election at all costs in the Fall that we should now commit ourselves, internally, to avoid an election at all costs in the Spring. There is a time to avoid an election and there is a time to fight an election. It's actually quite easy to tell the difference: You must fight when your most important principles & values are at stake, and you can avoid one when they are not. Having wrongly approved the 2009 Con budget, it was ridiculous to look to bring down the Govt in the Fall, without any clear issue, after a lost summer - there was no logic. But it would be even more ridiculous, risible, indeed shameful, soul- & party-destroying, not to say democracy-destroying, for the OLO to be so set in its plans as to kowtow to Bonapartism in the Spring. I have gone on the assumption, based on Iggy's performance, that the "no Spring election" was clever framing, given the evident exigencies of the political calendar, and Donolo's canniness. But BCer's shameful quietism worries me, as I wonder whether, given BCer's frequent self-assumed or semi-official role (it's hard to tell) as pre- & post-apologist for past Iggy foolishness, he is not only speaking for his nervous Nellie self, who would rather sell his country & its democracy down the river than have the LPC engage in a difficult campaign over fundamental principles, but is speaking for others, in the OLO perhaps, who are now determined to pursue a supposed "long game", no matter what the circumstances; so risible this term, in this argument: how long a game should the LPC being willing to play, will we still be getting to told to play the long waiting game when we've lost the right to vote, when Parliament never meets, because, hey, any day now, Canadians are suddenly going to vote Liberal en masse and deliver us our god-given majority, and anything less is not good enough? In-sane!

Democracy, LIBERALISM!, is more important than partisan considerations. A true liberal, a proud liberal, a real liberal, will always be known by his readiness to declare, "My Country Before My Party!". A coordinated Opposition campaign, though with separate candidates (only because more Con switchers possible that way), pursued with vigour & competence, is almost assured to overthrow our flat-headed Louis "Steve" Napoleon, with the subsequent government ranging from Lib majority (unlikely) to Lib minority to Lib-NDP minority coalition to Lib-NDP minority coalition with Bloc support. But Harper must be stopped, however & whenever.

I don't hear or read anyone other than BCer proposing such aquiescence in the dismantling of our democracy, all other Liberals are up for the fight. As they were all enraged by our sell-out of gun control, another issue on which BCer served as the OLO's pre- & post- apologist. But now even more, and completely united in defence of democracy. So just to be safe, in case that Iggy has reverted to previous idiocy, and unlikely as it may be, BCer is serving as the OLO's unofficial mouthpiece, trying to prepare the terrain for unbelievable cowardice & betrayal of democracy & party ideals, I want to be clear: Iggy, there are fights one simply has to fight, as much as the odds are difficult and one would like to avoid them. To avoid them would be to consign oneself to meaninglessness and uselessness, and render oneself and in this case, one's party, irrelevant. Barclay Plager coined Canada's unofficial national motto years ago: "It's not how many fights you win, it's how many you show up for". OK, in politics, considerations re. winning are important, but there's winning as democrats and there's winning as Liberals. When democracy is abused & suspended, when the executive puts itself above the law, it's not about Iggy, it's not about the LPC, it's about Canadian democracy. You don't have any choice but to fight.

As for BCer, that really was one of the most craven, shameful posts I've ever read. It's simpering internal logic reminded one of Blogging Cons rather than Liberals. Atrocious.

Campagne Pro-Démocratie du PLCQ : les Ténors

J'ai rédigé mon texte dans un tel état que j'ai oublié de nommer Trudeau et Cotler, Coderre et Dion, comme ténors du campagne de pédagogie et ralliement pour la démocratie au QC. Il nous faut des représentants suffisamment importants pour attirer des foules et l'attention des médias, et qui savent en profiter, tout en faisant preuve du sérieux que la situation impose. Donc, à moins d'en faire une équipe à quatre, je propose jumeler deux députés qui sont à l'aise sur le terrain, tels Trudeau et Coderre, avec deux qui sont connus pour leur sérieux, dont Cotler et Dion. Je mettrai Trudeau avec Cotler puisqu'il est certain que J. Trudeau fait venir les foules, dont certains membres sont excessivement ou enthousiastes, ou critiques, tandis que Cotler, seul, n'en fera venir que peu, mais il a une forte réputation comme intellectuel, homme de conscience et homme d'état. L'autre couple, Coderre le nationaliste qui ne fait pas dans la dentelle, et Dion le droit qui a failli faire tomber Harper, est réuni pour sensiblement les mêmes raisons, et leurs talents et réputations si différentes se complimentent aussi bien. Envoyez ces deux << odd couples >> dans tous les CEGEPs et unversités du QC, et devant tous les médias étudiants et régionaux, pour expliquer les enjeux profonds de cette crise de notre démocratie, conscientisant et mobilisant la population.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

The people united will never be defeated,
The people united will never be defeated...

Arise, sing, We are going to win.
Flags of unity are now advancing.
And you will come marching together with me,
and so you'll see your song and your flag blossom.
The light of a red dawn already announces the life to come.

Arise, fight, the people are going to win.
The life to come will be better.
To conquer our happiness.
and a clamor of a thousand fighting voices will rise,
speaking a song of freedom.
With determination the fatherland will win.

And now the people, who are rising in struggle
with a giant voice crying out: Forward!

The people united will never be defeated,
The people united will never be defeated...

The fatherland is forging unity,
from north to south they're mobilizing.
From the salt mines burning and mineral
to the southern forests.
united in struggle and labor they go covering the fatherland.
Their steps already
Announce the future.

Arise, sing the people are going to win
millions now are imposing the truth
Their steel battalions are on fire,
taking in their hands justice and reason.
Woman with fire and courage is already here
Along side the worker.

The people united will never be defeated,
The people united will never be defeated...

Opposition: Pro-Democracy Campaign Starts Now

In addition to normal leaders' tours, like Iggy's, there should be rabble-rousing tours by prominent MPs, ENTIRELY FOCUSSED on democracy issue, regionally targeted. I would suggest joint tours, except no-one will agree. So tours by each party to all post-secondary institutions everywhere, where they will get favourable audienceS, can rile up up youth to demonstrate, and hit all local & regional media at same time - many tours=more coverage, too. Narrow focus on democracy issue, explaining and highlighting fundamental, NON-PARTISAN, issue of democracy vs. authoritarianism. Need to have MPs/reps of sufficient standing to deliver audiences and media (helpful if have big existing networks). Point MPs/reps for each region, with local accompaniment at each stop. Libs: Rae & Kennedy across Ontario, LeBlanc on point in Atlantic (as only Atl candidate last leadership & bilingual) + local MP nearest school/town, Neville & Carstairs in Manitoba, Goodale & Mitchell in Alberta & Saskatchewan, Dosanjh, Murray & maybe Sen Campbell (given his profile) in BC (given Dosanjh & Murray's contrasting provincial political loyalties, combined tour re. democracy that much more potent), Bagnell in North.

Bloc: Paquette, Bachand & Ménard, vu leurs réseaux et leurs réputations, seraient en mesure de garantir des publics considérables aux CEGEPs et universités, en plus d'une bonne couverture médiatique.

NDP: Dewar & Comartin + local rep in Ontario, Mulcair in QC, Godin & Harris in Atlantic, Martin & Leis in Manitoba, Duncan in Alberta, Nystrom & Gruending in Sask?, Cullen-Donnelly & Davies? in BC (important that point people build pro-democracy tent, not get caught up in other issues), Bevington in North.

Greens: Chernushenko in Ont, Carr in BC-Alb, May in Atl & elsewhere-everywhere?

When I first highlighted this issue, I said of Cons: "If they defy Parliament, the Opposition must first pressure them by using every means, popular revolt, demonstrations, parliamentary revolt (let the bells ring, occupy the Chamber), everything imaginable. All democrats of good faith, particularly the Fourth Estate, must defend democracy and pressure the government - this slip into authoritarianism affects all citizens profoundly, but none more than journalists."

Much more will need to be done. But now is the time for all democrats to rally to defence of democracy, and MPs necessarily have a special role to play. Education will be part of the riling up, so what better place than halls of academe, from community colleges to universities, small & big towns, rural & urban, speaking to any and all media. I think that there should be targetted pro-democracy tours by select reps with profile to get message out since local MPs don't always get all the respect necessary. This is not just super-serious, we have to act as if it is super-serious, and it has to be shown to be as such. So that's why I favour chosen travelling groups of 2-3 reps with sufficient profile.

Ad buys needed, as is fundraising, and using some of the union money & muscle, and student organisation, numbers & enthusiasm, to have scheduled rallies at chosen moments, nationally. Pulling iconic political figures out to speak at a few propitious moments, like Trudeau in 1980 referendum, would be good. Chrétien-Martin-Turner can give a couple of striking speeches each, Broadbent-McDonough-McLaughlin-Stephen/Avi Lewis for Dad/Grand-Dad (Lucien Bouchard - productive or counter-productive?).

Think of this as a referendum situation and plan campaign accordingly. Questions: Against Dictatorship? For Democracy? You're with us! (issue many immigrants, given origins, are most sensitive to: use cultural minority media effectively!)

This "referendum campaign" will lead into virtually inevitable election. Iggy & Layton have done well to make clear just how much they don't want one: question framed and onus on Harper. OLO also did well to frame "pro-jobs" position. But election will come down to democracy & trust. Education, media & rallies now necessary to framing & winning.

Cons are being typically too clever by half. Should have stuck to MPCC. They underestimate the power of democracy, as autocrats are wont to do. It's precisely because it's such a mixed up, chaotic system, and thus seems weak, that when its heterogeneous threads can be woven together into an overall pattern, it is turned into an irresistible force. Don't mess with democracy, boyos, or democracy will mess with you. The Sean Averys have angered the otherwise peaceful Larry Robinsons - I don't have to tell you how that's going to turn out.

Monday, December 28, 2009

S. Petersen's Field Guide To Cthulhu Monsters, 1988

Having wanted to see this book since I was a child, I must say that it does not disappoint. Many fun, imaginative, bizarre interpretations of Lovecraft's abominable bestiary.

S. Petersen's Field Guide To Cthulhu Monsters, 1988

"A Field Observer's Handbook Of Preternatural Entities"

The remainder of illustrations from the book will follow tomorrow. If this book were still in print I wouldn't be sharing it here, but it's been out of print and nearly impossible to find for nearly 20 years. So here it is, enjoy!

I'll also mention that I've been wanting to see this book for all of those 20 years. There is another illustrated guide of Lovecraft monsters very similar to this one, selected pages from which I previously shared here. I was around 10 years old when I acquired it and was introduced to the fascinating realm of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's imagination.