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Montana Republicans thwarted in marginalizing Native vote

An emotional appeal by Billings legislator, Carolyn Pease-Lopez, during testimony against an amendment to HB130, may have at long last turned Montana's public opinion against Republican lawmakers. 

From the Billings Gazette:

Pease-Lopez was upset over Republicans' support Thursday for an amendment to House Bill 130, which would have allowed all-mail voting in Montana. The amendment struck language from the bill that called for special outreach to Indian voters and college students. Rep. Derek Skees, R-Whitefish, one of the vocal opponents of HB130 and a supporter of the amendment, told reporters later that his opposition "had absolutely nothing to do with race. I have absolutely nothing to do with hate," he said, adding that he's a Christian and follows Christian principles. "We're all humans in God's eyes. ... It pains me that she looks at me and sees hate. Nothing could be further from the truth." Skees was among the several Republicans addressed by Pease-Lopez in the Democratic caucus meeting.

This legislature has pulled out all the stops as it crowds the schedule with extremist, even capricious proposals hoping that whatever compromises are reached their agenda will be advanced.  They will stop at nothing to ensure that the tribes are marginalized in discussions that interfere with Republican control of energy.  Profound pessimism has gripped the GOP having realized that their talent pool suffers greatly. 

From the Missoulian:

Local election officials have been clamoring for the change, arguing it will be more efficient, reduce fraud and save money. Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, a Democrat who had worked with a Republican lawmaker to advance the bill, said it is time to let voters answer the question with an initiative.  She blamed unfounded fear over voter fraud for the failure.
Sound familiar, South Dakota?   "Fear over voter fraud" is Republican code for whom the bait shop and gun show crowd call "prairie niggers" in a state without a Democratic governor to halt hatred against non-whites as a matter of course.

Attack Of The Bloodthirsty VHS Box Art From Hell!!!

Mind Killer, 1987 (VHS Box Art)

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 Monster Squad (VHS Box Art)


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Many more insane video cassette boxes will be posted across the rest of the week.

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Barrick, Wharf, Black Hills Corp. mercury pollution targeted

Headwaters News alerted on a Denver Post article of a move by EPA to flex against mercury emitters at US gold mines and coal-fired power plants:

The regulations announced Friday will reduce airborne mercury pollution from the mines to about 1,200 pounds a year, a 77 percent reduction from 2007 levels, said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The rule represents the first national standard for mercury air emissions from gold mines, the seventh largest source of such pollution in the country. Fourteen of the nation's 20 or so gold mines are in Nevada, the richest gold mining state in the country. The rule also affects mines in Alaska, California, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Washington.

The Environmental Protection Agency issued long-overdue rules to limit mercury air pollution from gold mines, for the first time bringing a significant source of a dangerous neurotoxin in Americans' diets under the authority of the Clean Air Act. The new rule did not include limits for other hazardous mining air pollution like cyanide and arsenic.  Most airborne mercury pollution comes from coal-fired power plants, but emissions from gold mines account for about 10 percent, or 2,775 pounds, according to figures compiled from the EPA's 2009 Toxic Release Inventory by EARTHWORKS, an international mining reform group. Even the smallest amounts of mercury are extremely dangerous to the developing brains of infants and children.
Colstrip, Montana is a serial offender. NewWest said it like this.

Re-formed blogger Powers facing showdown

The South Dakota blogoviator is on a collision course with Hell.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reich debates at oligarch conference

Clinton Labor secretary, Robert Reich is slated to appear as a panelist (presumably one of a handful of token Democrats) at a super secret Koch-hosted retreat in Palm Springs this weekend. 

The Nation's Nancy Goldstein writes:

Now, thanks to some fine investigative reporting, we know that the brothers—the fifth richest folks in the United States—are radical right-wingers whose dad served on the John Birch Society’s governing body. Lee Fang of Think Progress tagged them early on as primary funders for the allegedly populist Tea Party, whose coast-to-coast “spontaneous” uprisings against Obama and taxation, were carefully orchestrated by staff. A March 2010 Greenpeace report uncloaked Koch Industries as a “financial kingpin of climate science denial and clean energy opposition,” and unveiled their underwriting of organizations like the Mercatus Center, Heritage Foundation, and Cato Institute, whose pseudo-academic “research” and “reports” lobby for the wealthy and powerful from behind the protection of tax exempt, nonprofit status.
Also in attendance is Eric Cantor (R-VA), House majority leader and one of anti-Earth's largest campaign recipients of Koch Industries' ecoterror ponziarchy.

Other Republicans having sucked from the Koch tit include South Dakota's very own John Thune, Marty Jackley, and Kristi Noem.  Dirty energy also pollutes Montana's (a purple state TEAtering on failure) Denny Rehberg, who defied President Obama's plea for members of Congress to sit with opposition at the State of the Union address and sat with fellow GOP slimesuckers as far to the right in the chamber as physically possible.

VHS Box Art This Week!

Troll 2 (VHS box cover)

C.h.u.d. 2 (VHS box cover)

Terror Vision (VHS box cover)

What originally was going to be a simple post of ten vhs boxes, three of which are included here, turned into something much larger. So this week I'll be sharing with you some of the more intriguing monster related vhs boxes I've stumbled onto. Expect to see around 150 monster filled, insane, horrific, cheesy, awesome vhs boxes all week!

If anyone has a vhs collection of their own that they're interested in scanning any movies that relate in some way to monsters, I'd be happy to share them on here. Send any scans (the larger the better) to me at evilenergy @ yahoo dot com

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The Temptation of St. Anthony, circa 1860s

The Temptation of St. Anthony, circa 1860s

BELGIAN SCHOOL (19th Century) Oil on canvas. Painting largely inspired by David Teniers II.

Spend some time looking at the fantastic details in this painting here.
The dog snake salamander thing with bird feet in the lower right is particularly bizarre.

Honor killings for fun and profit in South Dakota

South Dakotans are redstaters who live to kill.

The State Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee voted 5-3 Tuesday to approve the shooting of coyotes from snowmobiles.  Interestingly, one of the other swollen organs of the Republican Party in the state, Game, Fish, and Parks, worries that the bill might impact the image of hunting.

In related news, Frank Schmidt assassinated a 177 pound male cougar.  Kevin Woster tells Rapid City Journal readers :

Schmidt, a retired firefighter from Dearborn, Mich., moved to the Black Hills in large part for its outdoor recreation. He was recreating hard on the morning of Jan. 21, hiking through the snowy forest in a search of lion tracks when he inadvertently interrupted the big male cougar as it fed on the remnants of a mule deer doe. The smallest lions taken so far were two female kittens, each of which weighed 33 pounds.

"Recreating hard?"  Better than ED meds.  ip's guess: he's a white militia member fleeing Michigan's flourishing ethnic diversity for a state where non-whites are largely encouraged to remain confined in their isolated reservations.

In Aberdeen, law enforcement seeking a ban on pit bulls, dogs innately predisposed and often trained to tear humans apart, are meeting formidable resistance from blood-thirsty alcohol, video loottery, and meth-dependent residents.

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution?

                                                  Cairo downtown protest January 29 2011

By Andrew Gavin Marshall

January 27, 2011

For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive... The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination... 

The worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the phenomenon of global political awakening... That awakening is socially massive and politically radicalizing... The nearly universal access to radio, television and increasingly the Internet is creating a community of shared perceptions and envy that can be galvanized and channeled by demagogic political or religious passions. These energies transcend sovereign borders and pose a challenge both to existing states as well as to the existing global hierarchy, on top of which America still perches...

The youth of the Third World are particularly restless and resentful. The demographic revolution they embody is thus a political time-bomb, as well... Their potential revolutionary spearhead is likely to emerge from among the scores of millions of students concentrated in the often intellectually dubious "tertiary level" educational institutions of developing countries. Depending on the definition of the tertiary educational level, there are currently worldwide between 80 and 130 million "college" students. 

Typically originating from the socially insecure lower middle class and inflamed by a sense of social outrage, these millions of students are revolutionaries-in-waiting, already semi-mobilized in large congregations, connected by the Internet and pre-positioned for a replay on a larger scale of what transpired years earlier in Mexico City or in Tiananmen Square. Their physical energy and emotional frustration is just waiting to be triggered by a cause, or a faith, or a hatred...

[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.[1] Continue read here

URL of this article: Global Research

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Jasmine revolution leads to rubber bullets

The first one is the version released as a single.  Note the absence of bridge solo.

This one is better; but no embed code.

The best one:

Here is a good one.   The album version reminds me of Hairy's Hippie Haven in Brookings.

MI6 offered to detain Hamas figures

British government also provided financial support for two Fatah security forces linked to torture.
Fatah security forces routinely arrest members of Hamas in the West Bank [EPA]   By Gregg Carlstrom Last Modified: 25 Jan 2011 19:35 GMT

The Palestine Papers reveal that the British government played a significant role in equipping and funding the Palestinian security forces,several of which have been linked to torture and other abuses.
The "rendition plan"

More unbelievably, the UK’s MI-6 intelligence service proposed detaining members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an extraordinary – and illegal – scheme in which the European Union would have paid for their detention.
Under the heading “degrading the capabilities of the rejectionist groups,” the MI-6 document suggests:
    "... the disruption of their leaderships' communications and command and control capabilities; the detention of key middle-ranking officers; and the confiscation of their arsenals and financial resources held within the Occupied Territories. US and - informally - UK monitors would report both to Israel and to the Quartet. We could also explore the temporary internment of leading Hamas and PIJ figures, making sure they are welltreated, with EU funding."
An appendix to the document outlines how the British government might help the Palestinian Authority. It includes British plans to seize firearms and rockets from the West Bank and Gaza; to cut off funding to “rejectionist groups” like Hamas; and to reduce weapons smuggling through tunnels into Gaza.
It is difficult to say which of these ideas were actually put into practice. But two subsequent documents from the following year suggest that, at the very least, the British government provided funding for Palestinian security forces.
A document from the British foreign office provides “a synopsis of the project work that the UK is engaged in with the Palestinian Security Forces.” It documents hundreds of thousands of dollars in security assistance to the PA.
Of particular note are two $90,000 allocations, one to the Preventive Security force, the other to the General Intelligence Service.
Both have been linked to widespread human rights abuses in the occupied territories. Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported in July 2008 that Preventive Security had carried out most of the arrests of Hamas activists in the West Bank. “Many of the arrests were unlawful,” the group reported, “and arrested individuals sometimes encountered maltreatment at the time of arrest or torture during interrogation.” General Intelligence was also linked to cases of torture.
“The most abusive forces, local groups say, are the Preventive Security or General Intelligence Service. Most of the abuses documented in this report were committed by one of those two forces,” HRW concluded.
In a statement to Al Jazeera, the British foreign office said it takes allegations of torture "extremely seriously."
[Foreign office minister Alistair] Burt raised the issue of human rights abuses when he met [Palestinian prime minister Salam] Fayyad last week and asked for a concrete assurance that allegations would be investigated and appropriate actions taken. PM Fayyad gave this."   Aljazeera  


Palestine Papers

For Fatah, the Annapolis process seems to have been as much about crushing Hamas as about ending Israel's occupation.

Down with …. Long Live the Palestinian Authority

By Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

There have been plenty of discussions lately about the usefulness of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Many leaders in the PA and Palestinian Liberalization Organization (PLO) are in deep state of frustration because the PA can’t lead anymore to a Palestinian state, and because Israel emptied the peace process of its contents.

The PA, which was established in 1994, hoped for becoming an independent state in the West Bank (WB) and Gaza Strip (GS) within five years. It hoped for the settlement of the final status issues such as future of the refugees, Jerusalem, the Jewish settlements, borders, and the scope of its sovereignty on its soil… . Yet, no binding timetable for a final resolution has been set for Israel, nor for its withdrawal from the WB and the GS.

There was also no binding international mechanism for forcing Israel to fulfill its obligations. The agreement between the two parties has resulted in a bizarre situation, since it dealt with some details before dealing with the core problem. It was binding to only one party, allowed the consolidation of the occupation rather than ending it, and put the responsibility of dealing with daily matters on the "imprisoned," with the possibility of being deprived, thwarted, suppressed, destructed and confiscated at any moment.

For 17 years, the PA kept running after the "carrot" of the final solution. It solved nothing of what was expected, and no good news concerning the Oslo Accords or the Road Map could convince the frustrated Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.

The Palestinian people feel the deep crisis that the PA faces, but there is discrepancy in dealing with it. However, for almost a year now, there is an increased talk about dissolving the PA, as one of the options, although it doesn’t take precedence over other options.

“Down with the PA”

Supporters of dissolving or toppling the PA believe that it has run its course and that it is no longer the suitable feasible means for establishing the Palestinian state and securing the Israeli withdrawal. They warn about the erosion of the PA’s national role to the benefit of serving Israeli issues, especially security ones… Hence, there is no choice but to dissolve the PA when taking into consideration:

1. The necessity to put an end to the futility of Oslo and the Road Map tracks, after it has become certain that these tracks are inefficient, and incapable of binding the Israeli part with anything.

2. The establishment of the PA has ended the Israeli military rule but didn’t end the occupation itself. It has made the negotiations seem to be between two states or authorities rather between the occupation and the occupied people. It engaged in managing the daily and living matters, while the occupation has turned into a "clean colonization," or into a "deluxe" colonization according to Israeli writer Meron Benvenisti, and the former head of military intelligence Major General Shlomo Gazit. Besides, while the PA takes the responsibility of all the "dirty work," and the Palestinians suppress the Resistance forces with their own hands, and while the ugly face of the occupation hides, the occupation enjoys comfortable situation, and continues ruthlessly the colonization, Judaization, confiscation of the territories and imposing new realities on the ground. Hence, there is a necessity to end the PA’s functional role which serves Israeli agendas rather than pursuing national ones.

3. The need to make the Israeli occupation, rather than the Palestinian party, take full legal, political, economic, social and health responsibilities for the occupied Palestinian people. This is the case as as long as the Israeli part doesn't consider the withdrawal seriously but rather looks only for agents or cover for his occupation.

4. The international community must be aware of their responsibilities. The peace process has failed, the Palestinian people are still under occupation, have the right to resist and gain independence, and have the right to self-determination according to international laws and conventions.

5. The PA is not an arm for PLO anymore, rather it became an arm for the occupation. It has disarmed itself of its strategic means and alternatives through "renouncement of violence," and through striking and persecuting the resistance, even if that would lead to the erosion of national unity, and rupturing the social texture of the Palestinian people. Whereas the PLO has turned into a dim shadow subordinate to the PA. It is necessary by all means to retrieve the national and efficient role of the PLO, since it embraces the Palestinian national project, which includes all the factions and influential people in the Palestinian society.

6. Clearing the way for imposing new conditions on the political game with Israel, after the current conditions have proved their ineffectiveness.

7. Clearing the way for the establishment of a resistant authority that lives under occupation and lets it bear its responsibilities. This authority would give up external appearances, while focusing on challenging and ending this occupation. Thus, following the steps of the blessed first intifadah 1987–1993.

8. Ending corruption appearances in the Palestinian society; such as the PA’s administrative and financial corruption, collaboration with the occupation, dependence on international aid, and seeking artificial well-being under occupation.

9. Israel and the US will only agree on a Palestinian entity in WB if it is under Oslo conditions, whereas there are large segments of the Palestinian people (Islamists, leftist… etc) whichrefuse such entity. Therefore, having a true national unity and putting the Palestinian political house in order will happen only if the Oslo conditions were overlooked, or the conditions upon which the PA was built were overlooked. This would eventually put an end to the continuing schism or dissolve the PA itself.

“Long live the PA”

According to those who support retaining the PA, it is too early to dissolve this entity. There is still some room to build on accomplishments and to reform flaws if any. Here are their most significant arguments:

1. The Palestinian people have succeeded in establishing many realities on the ground through the establishment of national authority. The PA employs tens of thousands of personnel in various ministries and apparatuses that represent the infrastructure of the hoped for state. The Palestinians gained an Israeli and American recognition of their right to build their own state in WB and GS, regardless of its area and jurisdiction. Moreover, the PA serves Palestinian interests according to a national agenda, and enjoys the recognition and cooperation of the whole world. These gains shouldn't be wasted.

2. To dissolve the PA means resuming Israeli occupation and its control over all aspects of life. Thus, giving it more freedom to pursue its agenda, and giving it a free hand without restrictions.

3. To dissolve the PA means that Palestinians admit that they have failed to govern themselves. That will assert the Israeli occupation claims that the Palestinians do not deserve an independent state.

4. The PA is a temporary transitional means towards independence and creation of their state. Regardless of Israeli evasiveness, the international community and even the United States is eventually committed to establishing the Palestinian state. The peace settlement process hasn’t exhausted its purposes yet, as long as there is Arabic, Islamic and International communities adopting it. Hence, the door of opportunity must not be closed, for this could prevent building the Palestinian state for years to come.

5. Even if the PA is dissolved, there is no other realistic and actual convincing alternatives for the Palestinians to adopt, and that can be also acceptable to Arabic and international communities.

6. The very idea of dissolving the PA requires Palestinian national agreement, especially within its twin pillars, Fatah and Hamas. It requires also putting the Palestinian political house in order, to be able to bear the consequences of such move, and propose new alternatives. But without such agreement, the dissolution of the PA will not happen.

7. To dissolve the PA means cutting off international aid, that amounts to millions of dollars. It will bring much of the projects and works to a halt, and tens of thousands of employees will lose their means of living.

Fatah Movement: “Long Live the PA, but”

The official Fatah position still supports the PA, although some officials speak with bitterness about the dire situation the matters have reached. The statements which leaders of the Authority and Fatah issued about prospects of the PA’s dissolution are only expressions of discomfort or kind of threats or political pressure. There is no genuine and huge shift in the stances of Fatah ranks.

For sure, there is a state of deep frustration among top circles in Fatah. This was due to the stalemate peace process, the Israeli repealing of many national authority roles, and keeping the PA as a façade operating within frameworks that are acceptable to the occupation. Those who talked about PA’s dissolution option include President ‘Abbas, Sa’ib ‘Uraiqat, Nabil Sha‘th, Ahmad Qurei‘, Muhammad Ishtayeh, Jamal Muheisen, and many others. On the other hand, there are some officials in Fatah and the Authority who stress on excluding PA’s dissolution option, such as Salam Fayyad, Muhammad Dahlan and Jibril al-Rajoub.

Hamas Movement: “Down with the PA, but”

Hamas opposed and still oppose the Oslo agreement. The movement even opposed the establishment of the PA and continued its resistance against the occupation. Hamas dealt realistically with this Authority which is in fact one of Oslo agreement outcomes. Although some leaders in Hamas called for the establishment of an authority that commits itself to resistance and not to Oslo framework, Hamas didn’t adopt a final official stance that calls for toppling or dismantling the Authority in Ramallah.

Although the PA has become a fact, Hamas chose to participate at the political level. It wanted to alter the functional role of the PA, i.e., to be supportive to the resistance, and it wanted also to fight corruption and serve the Palestinian people.

Hamas made use of the legislative elections, a means offered by the PA, so as to demonstrate the public legitimacy of the resistance movement, after it had demonstrated the legitimacy of its struggle during al-Aqsa intifadah. Besides, Hamas tried to join and administer PA institutions through the tenth and eleventh government, but refused the terms of the Oslo agreement, the recognition of Israel, as well as ending the resistance. Hamas desire to play the game according to its rules lead to the siege, attempts to topple its government, the detention of its members of parliament, and the closure of its institutions in WB.

Despite the harsh blockade imposed on GS, Hamas used its public legitimacy and its military capability to impose its terms. It exceeded the ceiling of Oslo agreement and the ceiling put for the PA’s performance, benefiting from the Israeli withdrawal from GS. As a result, a regime has formed which doesn't abide by the military rule or the occupation, doesn't depend on foreign aid and assistance which are offered on political and security conditions, and doesn't coordinate with the occupation. The regime settles internal disputes in cooperation with national factions, and adopts the choice of resistance. Thus, Hamas managed to transform the approach adopted by the Authority, and not necessarily staged a coup against it in GS.

Hamas considers that Fatah dominates the PLO and the PA leadership in Ramallah, thus, it is the main player in dissolving the PA. Hamas considers that the Authority can not be dissolved without national agreement, without which there would be an internal strife and further complications for the Palestinian situation.
Questions that Need Answers

All the Palestinian factions (especially Fatah and Hamas) will find themselves, sooner or later, compelled to give clear answers to a number of questions that are related to the future of the Palestinian Authority, notably:

. With respect to Fatah and other factions in favor of a peace settlement: To what extent can they continue supporting such authority that achieves Occupation objectives more than it achieves national project objectives?

. With respect to Hamas and factions supporting resistance: If it turns out that reform and transformation program can not be implemented under occupation, and that leading the PA in WB is unfeasible without halting the resistance program, and that even if they win the elections, the series of events regarding not recognizing Israel, blockade, persecution, thwarting would be resumed; So, is it suitable to repeat the same scenarios presented in the reconciliation papers, especially those related to the elections and administering the PA under occupation? Or should they reconsider the priorities of putting the Palestinian political house in order?

. With respect to all Palestinian factions: How can they transform other alternatives into useful and viable ones, such as resorting to resistance, and forming a resistance authority? Forcing the enemy to withdraw? Establishing full sovereign Palestinian state on its territories?

Translated by Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations
The original Arabic article appeared on Al Jazeera net on 24/1/2011  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Archaeologists: 650 Babylonian cuneiform tablets document 8000 years of Syria’s history


By H. Sabbagh

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 00:54

Syria (Hasaka) – Archaeological discoveries in the Tell Lilan site located 120 km northeast of Hasaka indicate to the historic significance of the site which dates back to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC.

The site is located on one of the important ancient trade routes linking Cappadocia, Ashur and Anatolia principalities.

Excavations that have been carried out in various sectors in the site since 1978 show that the area was settled for the first time during the middle of the 6th millennium BC and continued until the late 1800's BC.

Expeditions uncovered pottery dating back to the Halaf period (6500–5500 BC) and the Ubaid period (6500-3800 BC), in addition to bell-shaped jars dating back to the Uruk period (4000-3100 BC).

Excavations uncovered an important human settlement dating back to the era of Nineveh. Pottery, serrated yellow cups, pedestals of colored statues, and cookware were discovered at the settlement.

The site covered 15 hectares during the first half of the 3rd millennium BC, and later witnessed a sudden boom in terms of population and civilized development during the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. During this era, a wall and a defensive system were established to protect the expanding housing areas, transforming the site from a tiny village to a city covering 90 hectares.

A temple was uncovered in the northeast side of the site. Its most distinct characteristics are its facades, twisting and ornate pillars, and a central hall surrounded by chambers on the eastern and western sides. Pottery, tablets and cylindrical seals bearing cuneiforms were found in the temple.

The castle found in the lower area of the site contained an archive of 650 cuneiform tablets written in the old Babylonian dialect, with the texts including administrative and economic texts, political messages and treaties that shed light on developments in the area following the fall of the city of Mari (circa 1759 BC).

According to texts found in Tel Lilan and other sites, the city was given the name Shubat Enlil which means "Home of Enlil" (Enlil being an ancient god) by Assyrian king Shamshi-Adad I. Before that, it was known as Shekhna, and this name was used again after the death of Shamshi-Adad I in 1776 BC. The city was destroyed by king Samsu-iluna of Babylon in 1728, and remained unoccupied since then.


Norman Saunders - Topps Nutty Initial Stickers, 1967

Norman Saunders - Topps Nutty Initial Stickers, 1967These are the original paintings for the stickers and not the stickers themselves.
Check out the high resolution version here.

The Palestine Preventive Security Forces interrogates Khalid Amayreh and Awadh Rfajoub

January 27 2011

The Palestinian journalists  Khalid Amayreh and Awadh Rajoub were briefly interrogated by the Preventive Security Force in Dura, south of Hebron, Thursday, in connection with their coverage of al-Jazeera documents revelations.

Amayreh said  he was interrogated for several  hours and was asked to return to the PSF  local headquarters again on Sunday, ostensibly for  further interrogation.

He described the interrogation as utterly illegal. He also urged the Palestinian Press union to do its utmost to prevent security agencies from  interfering with journalists'  work. (End)

الامن الوقائي يحقق مع الصحفيين خالد العمايرة  وعوض الرجوب  بشأن قضية وثائق الجزيرة
 حقق جهاز الامن الوقائي في مدينة دورا جنوب الضفة الغربية مع الصحفيين خالد العمايرة وعوض الرجوب بشأن بعض المقالات التي نشرت حول  موضوع الوثائق المسربة لقناة الجزيرة وذلك يوم الخميس 27 يناير.
وقد دام التحقيق عدة ساعات وطلب من الإثنين  مراجعة مقر الامن الوقائي مجددا يوم الاحد القادم الموافق 30 يناير.
وقال العمايرة ان التحقيق مخالف للقانون, مطالبا نقابة الصحفيين الفلسطينيين  بالعمل على حماية الصحفيين من تدخل الاجهزة في عملهم.
واضاف العمايرة انه انتظر ساعتين قبل مقابلة المسؤول لكنه لم يتعرض الى اي نوع من الأذى.
يذكر ان العمايرة  كتب مقالا نشر من  خلال شبكة الانترنت مؤخرا  بعنوان "لا تلوموا الجزيرة"  وقد تمحور الجزء الاكبر من التحقيق حول المقال المذكور.
وقد تعهدت السلطة الفلسطينية مرارا بمنع الاجهزة الامنية من التدخل في عمل الصحفيين  لكن السلطة لم تنجح  في كثير من الاحوال في  تنفيذ هذا التعهد على أرض الواقع.

Weapon drawn at Tribal Council; Bad Man Clause invoked


The decades long tinderbox of tenuous relations between the poor, full-blooded and traditional Lakota people and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) supported Oglala Tribal Council that claims to represent them is set to explode as traditional Elders stumble upon a secret tribal council meeting and are assaulted by councilwoman Deborah Rooks-Cook. On Tuesday, outside a secret meeting of the Oglala Tribal Council, a group of Elders were physically assaulted and threatened with a gun by Deborah Rooks-Cook, council representative from the Oglala District. Due to slow action by the Tribal Council, Elders are now speaking out for the immediate removal of Deborah Rooks-Cook while Strong Heart will seek banishment of Rooks-Cook and her family under the traditional Flotter (pronounced “Floater”) Law that is supported by the “Bad Man Clause” of the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie between the Lakota and the United States.
The "Bad Man Clause" has been applied in other actions:

The "bad man" legal argument was successfully used by Lavetta Elk, another Oglala Sioux, in a lawsuit alleging that a U.S. Army recruiter had violated the "bad man" clause when he sexually molested her while transporting her to a military recruiting appointment. Elk recently won a $650,000 settlement that left intact a federal judge's ruling that said the treaty language requires the government to reimburse Sioux tribe members who are injured by "any wrong" done by "bad men among the whites, or among other people subject to the authority of the United States."
The son of an assaulted elder said, “We are taking our government back,” said Duane Martin Sr. “We’ve had enough!”

Will US House pass new gun laws?

"Epic" flooding predicted for Upper Midwest, Plains

The Updraft Blog is written by Minnesota Public Radio's meteorologist, Paul Huttner. 

He has just made the startling prediction that the Red River and Minnesota River drainages can expect flooding events never seen in recorded history.  His conclusions are based on findings that high pressure is being created by steady Arctic warming adding moisture and diverting the Siberian Express then precipitating into the basin created by Lake Agassiz producing elevated snow water equivalents.

The James and Big Sioux, higher now than ever seen in my lifetime, are also expected to see record events this Spring

Anybody invent that snow baler yet?

Prohibition doesn't work; tax luxury guns, ammo

From the Casper Trib online:

The Wyoming Department of Revenue has suspended sales tax collections from gun shows because of increasing animosity toward the state's field tax agents. Dan Noble, director of the department's excise tax division, said Friday that an incident at a gun show triggered the decision. He added, however, that resistance from gun show sponsors and participants has been a recurring problem statewide. "I have 10 field reps throughout the state, and every one of them has experienced some animosity," he said. "Folks are nervous anyway because there are guns there. I don't want to put my people at risk."
Red states are not going to fix their own problems.  Guns are like lawyers; you carry one around long enough and sooner or later you're going to use it.

Only We the People can slow these people down.   Local law enforcement is only as effective as a legislature wants it to be.

Raise the taxes on non-hunting rifles, certain handguns and extended clips.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Monster Stickers

Name Stickers (US Wrapper)

Name Stickers 1

Name Stickers 2

Name Stickers 3

Name Stickers 4

Name Stickers 5

Name Stickers 6Here's a selection of interesting vintage monster stickers labeled "Name Stickers" in which you were to place a name tag on the monster head of your choice.

Images found here.

Tatsuya Nemoto (nottsuo) - H.P Lovecraft Illustrations

Tatsuya Nemoto (H.P Lovecraft Illustration) Cthulhu 6

Tatsuya Nemoto (H.P Lovecraft Illustration) Cthulhu 5

Tatsuya Nemoto (H.P Lovecraft Illustration) Cthulhu 8

Tatsuya Nemoto (H.P Lovecraft Illustration) Fungi from Yuggoth

Tatsuya Nemoto (H.P Lovecraft Illustration) Great Rase of YITH

Tatsuya Nemoto (H.P Lovecraft Illustration) Byakhee

See more of Tatsuya's Lovecraft inspired artworks in this gallery. More of his work can be found here.