Monday, August 10, 2009

mizry of buddy don: a munth of nuthin

i am a'hopin that i kin git to wurk n stay thar this hole day. i am a'hopin that i kin git my short term disabilty tuck keer of. i am a'hopin minny a thang ye mite could figger out by now, i have bin bout as sick this past munth as ever i kin member. it all started on the 8th day of july when i knew i wuz in pane but figgerd is could wurk thru it. i dun it n dun the same thang the nex

Monday, August 3, 2009

mizry of buddy don: cummin twixt me n my doctor

i aint bin able to rite much lately on a counta havin the longest n wurstest migrain i have yet had in this here life. odd thang bout it is how it prooves that even ifn ye git the best health keer cuveridge ye kin git, thays still a'gone be sum folk standin betwixt ye n yer doctor.fer eggsample: i wint to see my neurologist, witch that thar insurants cumpny woodnt let me pick a speshulist on a