Sunday, January 9, 2011

ip poll respondents reject christian marriage

Eighty percent of ip poll respondents believe marriage should be prohibited for those self-identifying as christian. These results likely reflect frustrations with sex among the sects in sectors of secularism when citing the sighting of sites where the blue blew bleu.

Rhetoric like Beck’s “constitution hanging by a thread,” Nugent’s “suck on this” referring to the automatic weapon in his law-breaking grip, and Palin’s crosshair map are indicative of The Right’s commitment to the destruction of the Democratic Party.

Loughner had a hundred rounds with him likely visualizing the white horse prophesy to which Glenn Beck refers in the LDS-based sermons to his minions that air in his parents’ household.

It is with some synchronicity that ip detects a mounting romanticism for violence among those experiencing real or perceived political disenfranchisement.

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