Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The " Jerusalem Envelope " awaits construction permit approval !

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January 18 2011

The Israeli occupation army have announced that construction should be finished in about a year, of the wall, dubbed to  "The Jerusalem Envelope", which  surrounds the Holy city of Jerusalem.The illegal Jewish wall has a specific aim, erected by the Jews to sequestrate, cut off, the holy city,from neighboring Christian and Muslim Palestinian communities.

According to the scheme, approved by the army's Deputy Chief of Staff YaifNaveh, constructions will continue on the wall structure's remaining central points in the villages of Kalandia, West Shuafat, and Mount Gilo in an area of about 20 kilometers.

The illegal segregation wall was planned to be completed three years ago,but legal objections presented by the International community and the Palestinians, curbed the building plans.The Israeli army's Central Command said they believe construction permits will be ready in the next few months,and that the purpose of the wall will be effective in the security of Jerusalem and will block entry of "illegal" people into Jerusalem, and the seized Palestinian territories of  year 1948.

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