Friday, January 14, 2011

Zionist fragmentation of the Arab world - dived and conquer in Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt...

"Israelis can tell the whole story of Sudan's division - they wrote the script and trained the actors".


January 14 2011 13:30

By Fahmi Howeidi

Now that we have been unable to defend the unity of Sudan, it might benefit us to understand what has happened there. Perhaps that will alert us to the fact that secession of the south is not the end, but is one of a series of splits intended to dismantle the Arab world surrounding Egypt.

From very early on, Zionists realized that minorities in the Arab world represent a natural ally to their state of Israel and so they planned to build bridges with them.

Zionist representatives communicated with the Kurds in Iraq, the people in southern Sudan, the Maronites in Lebanon, Kurds in Syria, and the Copts in Egypt; Zionism adopted the principle of divide and conquer, and saw that the most effective way to fragment the Arab world was to create secessionist movements within it. 

In doing so, it sought the redistribution of power in the region in such a manner to make a group of marginal countries lacking unity and sovereignty, all the easier for Israel, in cooperation with non-Arab countries to control them one after the other later. 

All the rebel movements triggered by ethnic and sectarian groups in the Arab world have drawn support and advocacy from Israel, which has adopted these separatist movements, as witnessed by the Kurds in Iraq and the rebel movement in southern Sudan.


Editors note:
....and the Palestine occupied territory...Fatah against Hamas, the West bank against Gaza.The illegally erected criminal Zionist entity must be demolished.

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