Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunni Muslims must condemn suicide bombings in Iran


Thursday, 16 December 2010 13:10

by Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

The double suicide bombing which took place in south-eastern Iran a couple of days ago was a nefarious act by every standard of imagination. It was a pornographic bloodshed, motivated by a corrupt ideology, latent hatreds, and a decidedly criminal distortion of Islam itself.

The criminal act, which killed 38 innocent people and maimed many others, was a New Hijri year present to Israel and Zionist circles which are awaiting the opportune time to hit Iran for the purpose of preserving the Zionist entity's   hegemony and supremacy in  this part of the world.

It is also a present to the enemies of Islam everywhere who seek to besmirch its image and create a violent implosion within Muslim communities all over the world.

The mayhem in Chahbahar, near the Pakistan borders, constitutes an obscene contradiction of everything or anything Islamic. This is so because there is no sin in Islam graver than killing an innocent person.

So, one wonders what type of Quran these criminal terrorists and cutthroats are reading from, or what type of obscurant fatwas or edicts they are acting on.

Supporters of the terrorists justify such atrocities by citing imagined or real grievances meted out to the Sunni community in and around the city of Zahidan and the Balochistan region adjacent to Pakistan.

Others may try to  justify the blind murder by making  nihilistic and preposterous  arguments about  "schism and heresies" practiced by many Shiites especially during  Ashura, the day marking  the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (may God be pleased with him) in Karbula 1330 years ago.

Well, these grievances, however legitimate, don't justify the pornographic killings. In fact they seriously distort any cause, except perhaps the cause of blind hatred. As to launching a no-hold-barred war on the Shiites for being Shiites, such a folly will only end up in self-destruction and self-immolation of the criminals who think, erroneously of course, that killing a few people here and there will eradicate Shi'ism from the face of earth.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the terrorist group, Jundullah,  which claimed responsibility for the Shahbahar atrocity is funded and directed by the American and/or Zionist circles which aim to destabilize Iran in its present  showdown with Zionism and the West.

Hence, in the final analysis, the end-game from the Zionist view point is to weaken, destabilize and confuse one of Israel's major foes, all for the purpose of enabling the Zionist regime to liquidate the Palestinian cause, destroy the Aqsa Mosque and irreversibly alter the face of occupied Palestine.

In other words, there seems to be a tacit but real alliance between the terrorists and those who stand behind them, including suspected American puppet regimes in the Arab region, and the Zionist regime.

Iran is not a utopian republic and suffers from many blemishes. However,  Iran, unlike many other Muslim, including Arab, countries has readily and unflinchingly extended a helping hand to the blockaded and helpless people of  Gaza, effectively enabling them to withstand the suffocating  Nazi-like Israeli  siege,  aimed at tormenting and starving Gazans and making them reach the point of death because they dared say "No" to arrogant Israel.

This happened at a time when other "brotherly" Arab states conspired, collaborated and connived with Israel and the United States to starve Gazans, isolate them and narrow their horizons.

I am a  proud Sunni Muslim, but I feel ashamed and embarrassed by the striking murderous shamelessness of the terrorists who commit all these satanic acts under the rubric of Sunni Islam.

Islam is innocent of their crimes. This is why Sunni Ulema or religious scholars must speak up  clearly and strongly against this serious deviation from the right path.

But it seems that ignorance, along  with a propensity to murder for the sake of murder, is what drives these killers to embark  on their criminal discourse.

I have no doubt that they will meet their punishments in this life and face hellfire on the Day of Judgment.

Meanwhile, I urge the Iranian authorities to employ a great deal of wisdom to undercut the terrorists and deprive them of whatever base of support that they may have.

Eventually, it is not enough to be right; one has to be wise as well.

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