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Gloomy Days in Gaza - But we Hope for the Good Things to Happen

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Hiyam Noir

December 8 2010

GAZA - Until this very moment no aid ships has arrived by the sea, or via land trough Egypt, across the Rafah border terminal into Gaza.These days there are difficulties to find accurate  information regarding foreign visitors to Gaza..With one exception,a visit by an actors delegation from different Arab countries has been announced, and the group is expected to arrive any time soon.But so fare,no secure detailed information.In these seemingly endless gloomy days and cold nights, mostly everyone in Gaza is waiting, despite  all the problems and the sadness, determined to make the rights things to happen.

And the Lebanese ship has not yet arrived,various speculations and rumors tell it would arrive soon, other rumors tell it's not the case now... things have changed,many problems again it was..and it must not be talked about openly. Humanitarian aid is delivered from United Nations by cargo trucks across the border through the Egyptian Suez port, into Gaza from the Rafah access road.

The price of basic goods has rocket sky high, individuals and families without larger savings experiences a miserable time. A family with 2 - 3 children need  at least 8-900 us dollars/month,to buy food,pay for medicine.travel,electricity phone and Internet.The average servant, employed take home after tax no more than about $550/month.

The price of milk powder donated by UNRWA to the people whom are living in refuge camps in Gaza,cost nowadays a little bit over 5 dollars/can in  a Gaza food market.Compared to the price of Now Foods Soy Milk Powder,8 Units 20 oz, a non-genetically engineered soybeans product, and a reliable source of vegetable proteins,costs a little bit under $4 in the best Food market in the  USA.

The people in Gaza also have to worry about about keeping up with their bank credits.For example,it is almost impossible, without a better paid day job,to be able to pay off credit cards, or the monthly mortgage to the lending bank.

The very first beginning of the winter is here, and Gaza is suffering from fuel- insufficiency.

During the past week some areas have had enough electric power, others have not.From early dawn until late afternoon, some say they have had electricity. Others have had to stay up in the cold, some are weak and sick, waiting for warm food and hot water until it's  getting dark by the late afternoon.
And then in a whim, the electricity will be turned off again just a few minutes after midnight.The very next day all of a sudden,the electric power is on throughout the 24 hours.

The Palestinians in Gaza, including their official leaders, are facing not a few, but many hurdles in their daily life.Occupied by an irrational entity, who rules by conquest, triggered by paranoid violent mood swings.

But as I said in the beginning,Gaza is not passive sitting there idle waiting,the people in Gaza are determined to make the rights things to happen.

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