Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hamas 23rd Anniversary Celebration in Gaza City

Updated Dec 16

Hiyam Noir
December 14 2010

GAZA CITY - Approximately one-hundred and sixty thousand Hamas supporters, and members of other political parties, including the Islamic Jihad Movement, participated in rallies in Gaza City on Tuesday under clear blue skies, to celebrate the 23rd anniversary birthday of Hamas movement.

The green Hamas flags were draped on cars and buildings,and a large replica of Jerusalem's gold-capped Dome of the Rock in the Kateeba Square. Some hours before Ismail Haniyeh emerged onto the stage, hundreds of thousands of people had gathered and packed the Kateeba Square in central Gaza City.

Yes, Hamas is here to stay.....

Despite that Gaza is suffering hard from an blockade imposed by the Zionist entity,hard economic times and high unemployment people looked healthy and beautiful."We support our people and Hamas will never retreat from the Palestinian territories," - the Palestinian official Ismail Haniyeh said . "We have allies both inside and outside the Palestinian territories, but we in  Hamas movement are independent in our decision making, - and we will not recognize this Israeli government." 

Regarding the US-sponsored direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Haniyeh said ; the negotiations were imaginary as the White House have not been able to
change the direction, capable of pressure on Tel Aviv to extend it's partial settlement slowdown, which expired in late September. 

The UN and the EU have repeatedly urged the  Israelis  to freeze it's settlement expansion (stop it's land theft)in the occupied Palestinian territories.
And the Israelis have ignored international demands over the issue to finalize the renewed talks between the Palestine Authority and Tel Aviv.Mahmoud Abbas, said on Sunday that he would not return to the negotiations as long as Tel Aviv continues it's illegal settlement projects.

The 23rd anniversary commemoration on Tuesday also included Hamas spiritual leader and the co -  founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin .He  was born in the village of Tor in southern Palestine 1938, and assassinated by the Israelis 2004 in Gaza City when sitting in his wheel chair  leaving a mosque after Friday prayers.

Hamas was established on the 14th of December 1987, as a resistance movement against the Israeli occupation. But as one of Hamas prominent leaders, Miriam Farahat, the mother of Palestinian struggle said, in an interview  with PalestineFreeVoice in 2007  - "; Hamas is an extension of the Islamic movement since the dawn of Islam"....

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