Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The hatemonger from the Netherlands

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

December 6 2010

Israel's manifestly fascist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has once again demonstrated virulent malice and ill-will toward Muslims in general, including Israel's  own Muslim citizens who constitute nearly one fourth of the population,  by inviting anti-Islam Dutch leader, Geert Wilders,  to visit Occupied Palestine to spew his hatred and racism before a Jewish audience.

Wilders arrived in Tel Aviv on Sunday, 4 December, as the biggest fire in Israel's history was still raging near Haifa, consuming large swaths of the Carmel natural forests.

However, the calamity seems to have had no effect on Lieberman's fascist mindset as evident from the thuggish foreign minister's invitation to one of the most racist men in contemporary Europe to Israel to malign Islam, incite against the Palestinians and call for their ethnic cleansing.

One would have hoped that the ferocious fire, which killed dozens of Israelis and morphed some of the best natural forests in occupied Palestine into ash, would introduce some humility and modesty to Israel's psych and collective mindset.

However, it seems regrettably that racism's stranglehold on Israel's way of thinking is so strong that even a colossal calamity won't leave a dent on Israel's view of the outside world, especially their ultimate victims, the Palestinian people.

Wilders is very much like Peter the Hermit who instigated Christian Europe to wage the infamous Crusades. His fiery incitement eventually caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians.

Likewise, Wilders, a hateful and repulsive figure who is shunned by many people of good will from all religious confessions, shamelessly advocates an internecine war of extermination against Muslims all over the world. He may not use words like "slaughter, extermination and genocide," but this is exactly the connotation carried in his hateful messages.

In Tel Aviv, the hatemonger from the Netherlands said what Jewish fascist wanted to hear.

He called for ethnic cleansing of non-Jews, presumably including Christians like himself.  He said that Jewish settlement expansion would create defensible borders for Israel, as if the most powerful state in the Middle East which also happens to control rather tightly the most powerful nation on earth were suffering from indefensible borders.

He also urged Israel to annex the West Bank. He didn't say what Israel should do with some three million Palestinians in the occupied territory. But it was easily understood that he advocated murderous repression on a genocidal scale to carry out his evil designs.

Wilders readily echoed one of the most favorite Zionist mantras, namely that Jordan is Palestine, saying that Jordan should be forced to take in Palestinians.

His words were music to many Judeo-Nazi elements who are dreaming of making occupied Palestine Arab-free.

Unfortunately, his nefarious incitement raised no eyebrows among Israeli officials, including Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who constantly claims that Israel respects all religions and is interested in establishing good relation with Arab and Muslim countries.

There is no doubt that Israel, especially under this conspicuously fascist government (fascist because even its own cabinet ministers publicly acknowledge that Israel is becoming a fascist state par excellance) represents the perfect environment for the growth and prosperity of fascism.

Wilders' vilification of Islam and Muslims is effectively a call for genocide. And, ironically, it took place as Muslim countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, were coming to Israel's aid to put off the huge fire near Haifa.

Hence, one is prompted to ask: Is this the Jewish way of showing gratitude to these Muslim nations?

Besides, Jews, of all people, should realize that incitement against a religious or ethnic community could lead to genocide.

When Wilders calls Muslims, rather indiscriminately, terrorists who want to destroy western civilization; he effectively is urging the west to murder Muslims in the millions.

This is why this man, and others of similar feather, should be treated as potential Hitlers.

But why would Israel, which claims to be a light upon the nations, enthusiastically receive and warmly welcome a potential Hitler?

This is the difficult question that Jews everywhere must answer honestly.

Well, the answer as far as this writer is concerned, is because Israel, which calls herself the nation-state of the Jewish people, is fascist at heart and racist to the hilt.

Otherwise, why would Israel become a pilgrimage site for every fascist under the sun?

A last word to those gullible  Arab and  Muslim states, such as Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Morocco, which seem to be eager to endear themselves to Israel and Zionist circles despite the latter's repeated provocations and effronteries.

Try to show a modicum of respect for your people, for your religion and for your national honor. Do you always need to be reminded that befriending Israel is very much like living with a venomous snake in the same room?

Perhaps the analogy might sound harsh to many. But what would you say of a state that seeks our friendship but at the same time invites the most virulent enemy of Muslims to vilify and dehumanize us and call for our deportation and extermination from our ancestral land?

Does this sound an expression of good will to you?

If not, then show some respect for yourselves. (end)


Submitted by Khalid Amayreh via  Palestine Information Center

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