Friday, December 10, 2010

Gaby Ashekenazi, the warcriminal: We may need to be prepared for a larger and wider action on Gaza !

After the Israelis missile attack

GAZA - An Israeli man working in an agricultural community was slightly wounded after mortar shell rounds was fired from Gaza in to the Negev area near Beersheba, some miles from the border. During this year the Israelis targeted, killed and wounded more than 21 Palestinian farm workers tending their lands, children and Palestinian construction workers, collecting scrap material near the border.

On Thursday hours after the incident,the Israeli commander Gaby Ashekenazi told his troops based near the Gaza border that; " We may need to prepare our self for larger and wider action. The next round will be big and it needs to end in a way that leaves no doubt who won. We are significantly stronger than the other side." The war criminal, Gabi Ashekenazi was also directly involved in the planning of  the genocidal war on Gaza 2 years ago.
The Israeli air strikes on Gaza were launched overnight,targeting a training camp used by the Palestinian homeland defense, the missiles caused damage to civilian homes and a primary public school of 700 students, but no casualties or injuries are reported.

The Popular Resistance Committees and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, claimed involvement in the attack.Their freedom fighters confronted the heavy armed Israeli army and penetrated the border fence.

Mahmoud Abbas refuse negotiations without freeze of settlement building

Meanwhile,the European Union, United Nations and the Arab League have rebuked Israel after it's refusal to halt settlement construction, forcing Washington to drop its efforts to relaunch peace talks in the Middle East. The The chairperson of  the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday after meeting in Cairo with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman,the Egyptian intelligence chief, refused to negotiate further, without a freeze of settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Before the weekend Palestinian and Israeli envoys were summoned to Washington for meetings with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton will propose a possible new US approach in a speech late on Friday.The Palestinian and Israeli negotiations broke down after that the Israelis refused to extend a 10-month-old freeze on settlement building, that partly ended in late September.

The Quartet sharply criticize the Israelis settlement policy

The US offered the Israelis incentives,political and military to extend for 90 days a limited West Bank settlement freeze.The negotiations over an extension was breached, and as US officials earlier this week announced,they have abandoned that approach, most likely after pressure from the Quartet, The Arab League, the EU, Russia and United Nations, who sharply have criticized the Israelis for it's no to an extension of the moratorium, the restrain on * criminal colonization activities of Palestinian lands on the West bank.* illegal under international law and an obstacle to peace.

On Wednesday, Amr Musa,chairman of the Arab League said in a final statement that; "resuming direct talks under current conditions is out of question"....also he was questioning the intentions of the United States and the Israelis. - “ Direct talks"... means what is being sold to us is the imposition of the occupation’s condition, which is absolutely unacceptable to all of us. It is clear that the American administration could not halt the Israelis colonization activities, so therefore it is no doubt that negotiations are useless.The negotiations may be a cover to enable the occupant Israel to continue with it's policy".

Much needed field hospital arrived to Gaza

On Monday the Jordanian military  much anticipated field hospital arrived to Gaza, receiving injured Gazans with the beginning this past Wednesday.The hospital comprises specialists in the fields needed in Gaza and equipped with the latest equipment, and it's medical staff can conduct 25 major and minor operations each day. 

The director of the hospital, Brigadier General Zahran Bdeir at the Royal Medical Services told reporters on Monday that the hospital comprises specialists in fields that are much in need in Gaza.The 180-medical cadre hospital directed by His Majesty King Abdullah, includes highly-qualified specialists and surgeons and is fully equipped. In addition the hospital accompanied with two ambulances donated by the King Abdullah.

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