Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Montana's Republican legislators moving to abridge womens' civil rights

You knew it was coming:

Swept into into office lathered-up over government control of individual rights, Montana's tea-buggering Republican anti-civil rights caucus wasted no time announcing their proposals for the intrusion of government into doctor/patient relationships.

As Charles Johnson at the IR reports this morning:

The state Republican Party platform says, "We affirm our belief in traditional family values and support the preservation of innocent human life at every stage of life, beginning with conception."  Gregg Trude, executive director of Montana Right to Life, is hopeful that some bills restricting abortion will pass this session.  "Every Republican in the House is pro-life." Trude said. "Every Republican in the Senate is pro-life."

Get a grip, Gregg.  Right to Life is code for the vivisection of the body of law that brung ya. These people aren't patriots, they're peasants wielding pitchforks and torches as they campaign for the complete submission of half of Montana's population to the other half.

This chorus of anti-education legislators includes Basin's own Alan Hale, whose campaign serially slimed the infinitely more qualified Sheila Hogan.  His poaching conviction past is replete with a history of domestic violence, brutalizing his family during drunken rages.

The good news? Governor Brian Schweitzer will veto anything smacking of the application of religious dogma to constitutional law standing for those Democrats phoning in their games rather than voting.

Second trimester: it's not just a good idea; it's the law.

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