Friday, December 17, 2010

Mohammad Abu Tir expelled from his home in East Jerusalem
After release,Muhammad Abu Tir is taken back into Israeli custody

Thursday December 9 2010

PalestineFreeVoice Jerusalem - On Wednesday,the spokesperson of Hamas political party, Fawzi Barhoum said, following the  Israelis expulsion of the Palestinian Legislative Council member, Mohammad Abu Tir, from East Jerusalem to Ramallah, that " the move is a clear violation of international convention."-  Barhoum  was condemning the act as criminal.

He said it was the latest in Israeli assaults in a plan to force Palestinian citizen from their home and lands, a "confirmation that the occupying entity Israel are determined in continuing their crimes against our people in front of an absent international community and international justice".
Fawzi Barhoum urged the Palestinian Authority to take a decisive stance on the issue, he also called on Arab countries to -"do your duty towards protecting the residents of Jerusalem and the political representatives of the Palestinian people."

The Hamas senior official Muhammad Abu Tir 59, also known as, Sheikh Abu Mus'ab was  seized by Israeli occupation forces, together with 65 other Hamas leaders in the wake of the Palestinian resistance capture of  Gilad Shalit, during a raid on an Israeli military base in June 2006. 

Hamas is demanding the release of nearly 1,000 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, in return for Shalit's release. Abu Tir  was detained until late June 2010, when the Israeli occupant ordered him to leave his own homeland Palestine.And arrested again when he  refused to comply with Israeli demands to resign as a Hamas legislator of  the Palestinian Legislative Council.

In that Israeli manoeuvre, 60 other senior Hamas members, including ministers, legislators and operatives where detained,consisting of the head of Hamas parliament ,Aziz Dwaik, and the former Prisoners Affairs Minister, Wasfi Kabha.The pariah of the world, the Israeli entity, are still holding 12 Palestinian citizen and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in custody, for no other reason than that the detained are resisting the occupation.



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