Thursday, November 25, 2010

Zionist hostile activities alongside the borders of northern Gaza

PalestineFreeVoice - GAZA, Thursday Nov 25 2010 8:52 AM

-  Eye witnesses report a series of Zionist activities alongside the borders of northern Gaza early on Thursday morning, including launching of artillery missiles which is said to have " landed in open fields ".

At about 6:30 AM, armored bulldozers, helicopters and fighter jets were operating across the former settlement,Nisanit located in the northern sector of Gaza.In the early morning bulldozers were digging up lands,helicopters were hovering above in the skies and fighter jets were letting off sonic blasts which sound like air strikes.

- On Wednesday afternoon in support of Apache helicopters  Zionist occupation forces holding up by the eastern border of central Gaza, targeted and opened fire at a man on a motorcycle in the Zaytoun neighborhood, which led to an explosion at the site. No reports are yet available about casualties, or the identity of the motor cycle driver.

-  At noon, also on Wednesday, Zionist occupation forces shot and injured a Palestinian man who was collecting scrap materials near the border of the northern Gaza, Palestinian medical official report.The worker, who is not yet identified, is moderately injured in the leg. He is transferred to the Kamal Udwan Hospital.

The shootings along the border of Gaza targeting Palestinian citizens are counting more than ten incidents during the month of November.

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