Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Smart Patriotic #Afgh Motion - from Bloc! = Time for All to Smarten Up, Stand Up, for CANADA

There is not a word in this motion with which any patriotic Canadian, Liberal, can HONESTLY disagree:
"That this Chamber condemn the government's unilateral decision to extend the Canadian mission in Afghanistan until 2014, thereby reneging on two promises made to the population: one made in the House on May 10th, 2006, and reiterated in the Speech from the Throne of 2007 to submit to Parliament a vote on all military deployment and the promise made on January 6th, 2010, that the mission in Afghanistan be strictly a civilian one after 2011 without a military presence, with the exception of security to guard the embassy." (*VFO en bas)

As a 99% TOT zombie, it's pretty rich for Accidental Deliberations to criticise some of us Liberals for our hypocrisy, incoherence and spinelessness. That said, sadly, he's right, some seem to be veering that way. I'd ask them, and all, to listen carefully to this song, and ask themselves which lyrics they want to sing, "true patriot love" or "dawn's early light"?

Whose side are you on, that of Canada and Canadians, or that of the USA, PM & clique, opposed to debates, votes, and the general will of Canadians on Afghanistan? Whose side are you on, that of the Liberal Party of Canada and Liberal voters, supporters and members, or that of a small clique, opposed to debates, votes and the general will of Liberals, and liberals, on Afghanistan? Are we a sovereign, democratic nation? Are we a self-respecting, democratic party? Who makes the rules, Canadians for Canada, Liberal party members for the LPC, or small cliques in the PMO & OLO?

This is a matter of war and peace, of life and death, of Canadian democracy and sovereignty, of liberal principles. You will rarely face a more defining question. Whose side are you on? What kind of person are you? Do you sing proud and free, as you truly think and feel? Or do you sell your song and soul to the highest bidder, in the twilight's last gleaming for the LPC and Canada?

Laurier, King, St.-Laurent, Pearson, Trudeau & Chrétien all stayed out of foreign imperial follies, despite immense pressure. Chrétien got us into Afghanistan for realpolitik, but as little as possible, under the best conditions possible, and no-one doubts that he and Goldenberg would have managed to get us out asap, years ago. Stand up for Canada, stand up for the LPC, stand up for yourselves. Is pleasing the USA, contrary to all objective evaluation of national interest, worth even one Canadian life? No, it's criminally treacherous imbecility.

It is time to leave; not a day, not a life, and not a dollar, later.

What song do YOU sing? C'mon, sing "true patriot love", with the rest of us Canadians. And Liberals.**

*"Que cette Chambre condamne la décision du gouvernement de prolonger unilatéralement la mission canadienne en Afghanistan jusqu'en 2014, reniant ainsi deux promesses faites à la population, soit celle faite en Chambre le 10 mai 2006 et réitérée dans le Discours du Trône de 2007 de soumettre à un vote du Parlement tout déploiement militaire et celle faite le 6 janvier 2010 de faire de la mission en Afghanistan une mission strictement civile après 2011, sans présence militaire autre que la garde nécessaire à la protection de l'ambassade."

**Where there's hope, there's write.

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