Tuesday, November 30, 2010

@globeandmail #lpc #fail: "ISAF to bleed...slowly" NOWHERE in paper

It's a sad day for Canadian democracy and journalism when the most important news in Wikileaks re. Canada, so far, ISAF to bleed...slowly, carried in the New York Times, is completely absent from today's Globe, which, manfully edited, has this all-time infamous ellipsis on front page: "Judd added that he and his colleagues are 'very, very worried' about Iran. ... 'We have not figured out what they are up to,' Judd confided." (NB. If true, then CSIS even dimmer than assumed). It's on the front page of the National Post. It's online at the Star. But literally nowhere in the Globe, in print or online.

So this is what you have been reduced to, eh? The Riggy-Harper, CPC-LPC Globe family compact can't argue the case on its non-existent merits, so they are just going to try to ignore it. Good to know that the kids we're sending to die for democracy are so lucky to be getting the whole story, to know what's going on, and what we're asking them to fight and die for. But I guess in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, in Toronto Centre, on Front Street, y'all just dismiss them as rural yokels whose lives are less important than your own.

What despicable, cowardly tossers you are. Really. A first-rate country, with first-rate people, ruled by third-class, third-world elites. For shame.

If you had a case you'd admit information, and argue the merits, as they do in USA, UK, France. But you don't, so you won't. Just run and hide away, like Riggy. Useless.

Canada in Afghanistan: bad editors, bad journalism, bad politicians, bad politics, bad, murderous, wasteful policy.

Chickenshit chickenhawks.

This is your third-rate version of Canada. It is unworthy of Canadians. It is not theirs, nor mine. We are better than this, better than you. And we will make it what it should be, what it already is, beneath the layers of bullshit you heap on top.

We've had enough. You cannot send Canadians to die for bad to no reasons, lie about it, hide it, and think there will be no reckoning. There will. Et nous nous souviendrons.

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