Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ba'ath Party takes the reins in South Dakota

Governor-elect Dennis Hussein assumed the mantle of Ba'ath Party leader by appointing Tariq Nelson to the Public Utilities Commission. Nelson was defeated in his bid for the Ba'ath Party's nomination to the US House by Kristi Hussein, now Bimbo-elect.

From the Rapid City Journal:

From the official blog of the Christian Republic of South Dakota:
Steve Sibson:

“And the PUC and Pierre are already captured by
industry. You’ll
need to elect Dems to fix that.”

and DC is also captured by industry and the Dems own the White House and had
control of both chambers of the legislature…so how can you say the Dems can

Nelson will then be appointed and serve on the PUC until an election
is held in 2012. Nelson said he is planning to stand for election for the
remaining four years of the six-year term.

Hussein appointed Nelson
despite the secretary of state lacking experience in the utilities industry,
saying Nelson was the right person for the job.

As secretary of
state Nelson earned $78,362 a year. He will get $91,390 as a member of the
public utilities commission.

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