Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kolla 'Am wa'antom bikhayr - Happy Eidul Adha to all of you !

By Khalid Amayreh

November 16, 2010               

    Like every year, the occurrence of Eidul Adha or Feast of  Sacrifice this year coincides with a further narrowing of  Palestinians' horizons. The manifestly racist Israeli government is relentlessly trying to translate its Nazi-like ideology into laws and facts on the ground, with its ultimate nefarious goal being to ethnically cleanse and drive away non-Jews into exile..
    Unfortunately, the international community is doing nearly nothing to stop this insolence and arrogance of power on the part of the ghoulish Israeli regime.
    This cowardly international stance is reminiscent to the policy of appeasement which major western powers adopted vis-à-vis Nazi Germany in the years leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War.
    The United States, which should display responsibility at least in proportion to its international standing as a super power, is behaving very much like an obsequious mighty whore vis-à-vis Israel, thus enabling the satanic Zionist regime to dictate American policy, not only toward the helpless Palestinians, but toward the entire Muslim world.
    For sure, there will come a day when America will pay dearly for her key role in inflicting oppression on the Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East. God may not throw stones at the oppressors and their accomplices; but the Almighty has other ways to establish justice and punish the wrong-doers.
    The same thing can be said about Britain, and other powers that enable  Ashkenazi Jews to dispossess  Palestine from  its rightful proprietors, kill them, and disperse them to the four corners of the globe.
    Today, the Eidul Adha occurs as arrogant Israel continues to build more illegitimate colonies on occupied Palestinian land. This is very much an act of rape as it is done in violation of international law. This means that the Palestinian goal, which is also the goal of the rest of the world,   of establishing a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian state in the West Bank is becoming unrealistic and virtually impossible.
    This fact is nowhere more affronting than in Jerusalem where Israel is hell-bent trying to obliterate the remaining vestiges of the Arab-Islamic civilization and culture.
    Unfortunately, the Palestinian Authority, which serves very much as a subcontractor for the Israeli occupation authorities, is still clutching to a chronically moribund peace process that has no promise, neither for peace, nor for justice, a process that serves only as a rubric for Israel to liquidate the Palestinian cause if only by devouring the remaining un-colonized land in the West Bank.
    Unfortunately, the PA can't be entrusted to safeguard Palestinian national interests given the moral and political bankruptcy of its leaders. In the final analysis, one can't give what one doesn't have.
    The recent announcement by some PLO leaders that they would be willing to recognize Israel as an exclusively Jewish state as well as the tacit willingness by PA president Mahmoud Abbas to give up the right of return, constitute a clarion proof that the PLO is a bankrupt entity that doesn't deserve the status or stature of being the sole representative of the Palestinian people.
    In the final analysis, an organization that is basking in the luxurious hotels in Ramallah, in the shadow of Israeli tanks, can not really express or reflect the collective conscience and enduring vigor of the Palestinian people.
    Indeed, an organization whose money lifeline starts in Washington, is unfit to express the beating hearts of Palestinians in Burj el Barajneh, or Jabalya, or al-Khalil.
    None the less, we must never ever think of giving up or giving in. After all, our cause is just and our grievances are real. There are more than five million Palestinians still implanted in our homeland like deep-rooted olive trees. We must cling further and further to the homeland and demonstrate to the Zionists that no matter what they do to us, we shall not leave.
    Moreover, our enemy, while amassing all the elements of material power, is suffering from a moral breakdown.
    This moral deterioration, which is unseen and unfelt by an enemy intoxicated by its hubris, insolence, and arrogance of power, shall eventually bring the Zionist regime to its ultimate demise. Such is the destiny of all arrogant wrongdoers throughout history.
    This may take some years to happen, but its inevitability is assured.
    On this holy occasion, we Palestinians must take a lesson from the life of the Prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon him) who suffered so much at Shii'b Abee Taleb, who miraculously escaped assassination, who was poisoned, and who was forced to flee his own country as a refugee, very much like the millions of our people who were scattered around the world because they didn't belong to the "holy tribe."!!
    But the Prophet eventually triumphed over all the odds, despite the paucity of resources at his disposal and the overwhelming power of his enemies. And in a few years, he was able to build a huge state based on justice, extending from China to the Atlantic.
    Alhamdullillah, the Palestinian people must never feel that they are the victim of a merciless history, although this is exactly the impression one would get from reviewing the annals of the Palestinian plight.
    The Holy Quran clearly and in stunning details predicts the ingathering of Jews into Palestine. It also predicts and describes the mighty arrogance of the state of Israel. But, likewise, the Holy Book predicts and gives the glad tidings that Israel's ultimate end is near.
    "….. Then, when the second promise came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to savage your faces and enter the mosque (of Jerusalem ) as they had entered it before, and to visit with utter destruction all that they have built up." (v.7, sura 17)

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