Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Country for Young Men

Warren Kinsella's UPDATE: From a friend with deep Grit caucus connections: “Rae to Jerusalem. Smitherman to Ottawa. All’s well that ends well.” makes me think of the Johnston Stitch-Up, and wonder if I should have paid more attention to a comment a few days ago: At 4:42 PM,  Gene said…"I strongly doubt it is to get Obama re-elected. Middle-East politics, I believe, would be nearer the mark." Naïf that I am, I thought it merely unfounded geo-political slander. More fool me? But I suppose all will demonstrate the same critical thinking they did on Johnston, for the same reasons. Bob Rae, what a nice old man. Perhaps we should show him the pity he denies the young men and women he sends off to die, pointlessly? Harper, Rae & Iggy, poor old buffers. Pity about the dead kids though, eh? Ah, well, politics, eh? Can't be helped. Where you going, Darcy's, Lieutenant's, Hy's or somewhere else? No use crying over spilled milk. And we will have the MOST wonderfully sombre ceremonies when the coffins come home, and Remembrance Days. That makes it all right, doesn't it? Iggy is soooo good at looking anguished, and Rae & Harper at seeming stern. What colour will your flowers be? I'm thinking red, blood red, like the Rig-berals.

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