Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grid-free Basin family attends permaculture conference

Dave and Susie live on Pole Mountain about a thousand feet in elevation above Basin.

The house they built themselves from mostly found and salvage materials is about 1500 square feet with views looking south across a mind-blowing part of the Boulder Batholith, The architectural design is functional, yet roomy. It is not huge, but, it is not humble, either.

Their Bosch refrigerator runs on propane, solar cells power a set of batteries that manage their electrical needs (including a welder), Leah and Micah's diapers were washed in rainwater collected in a cistern that also waters the garden. Goats supply milk and meat. The orchard provides fruit. They recently added a chest freezer.

They just spent half of October and half of November at a permaculture conference in California and insist that what they learned changed their lives.

ip posts this knowing that they read this blog. Sarina called it a propaganda site over Thanksgiving. I did not disagree.

With some luck, Dave and Susie will contribute more. Just click the comments button at the bottom of this post, guys.

This article on smart growth appears at the blog of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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