Monday, February 7, 2011

Yeah, THAT Safeway

We had been planning this for months.  The goddess has a public health conference in Scottsdale on Thursday.

Bizbee's human, Kim, convinced us to stay at Catalina State Park for at least one night (we spent two) where hiking trails at the foot of the mountains just north of Tucson would give us ample opportunity to explore before tackling traffic trying to find Joani's niece's condo on the other side of town.  The Mapquest directions took us off I-10 onto Ina Road at about 7:30PM and after a bite to eat at a Subway (because there was a line out the door of a Mexican Restaurant, our first choice) we headed east.

After misreading the Mapquest directions we crossed Oracle Road where a Safeway entrance looked eerily familiar in the dark.  It struck us as just an odd coincidence before it hit us two days later.

ip photo

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