Friday, February 25, 2011

National Weather Service, USGS at risk to GOP 2011 government shutdown

From MPR's god (blod?) of weather:

There is big talk in Washington these days about proposed budget cuts for NOAA and the National Weather Service. Some proposals cut the NWS budget by about 30%. Suggested impacts of such cuts could include closing NWS offices reducing maintenance on the doppler radar and NOAA weather radio networks and even reducing the number of upper air soundings from every 12 hours to once daily or even once every two days. If we had to wait even longer to sample storms coming off the Pacific it could be a disaster on model accuracy with winter storms. Forecasting winter storms is already one of the most difficult forecasts a meteorologist in Minnesota has to make.
The USGS could lose $94M to the Earth-hating Koch fiends now stealing the tools the People need to protect families and expose the ecocide.

Contact Koch 'hoes don Juan Thune, Dennybriated Rehberg, and Krusti Noem and give them a piece of my mind.

You might be a TEAbagger if:

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