Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MOUBARAK: Où est-ce qu'il va partir? Nowhere to escape !

- THE DOCTOR: It is time to say goodbye to the Egyptian people.
- Mubarak: Where is he going to go?

- LE MEDECIN: Il est temps de dire adieu au peuple égyptien.
- MOUBARAK: Où est-ce qu'il va partir?

- Läkaren: Det är dags att säga adjö till det egyptiska folket.
- Mubarak: Vart ska han gå?

From Wall Photo's by Ahmed Rami

Editors note : I believe he should run as fast as he can:))))to the Zionist entity for shelter, But if God will,the Zionist's will soon find them self homeless too...and where will they go ?
Long live the revolution of the oppressed Egyptian and Palestinian people !


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