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The Peoples Revolution

Février 04, 2011


The Great Home-Coming

Cairo Tahrir Square February 2011

The Peoples Revolution

High hostile walls 
cast frightful shadows inside the jail at night. 
the wise bearded men we trust and need outside
are captive there shone of their human rights

whispers rustling as dry dead leaves
darkness filled with women veiled
  rehearsing old holy rituals
sad words intoned in prayers 
be mourn the dead, the great losses
of departed children, husbands,mothers, fathers
sisters, brothers, comrades and friends

all of a sudden throughout the mist 
outside the jail-house gates
a distant roar from the wild beast
the distinct sound of footsteps 

approached then disappeared

under the weight of heavy chains 
large wounds in burning pain
thin shoulders start to shiver 
remember dirty fists and iron canes

in twilight a hot breeze rustle through the quadrangle
the wind grasped a thin piece of paper
the message is now posted
by our courier carried safe away
lifted upwards by the wind

a bright beam of light squirm free
by falling dusk ten thousand fugitives 
happily escaped in the warm darkness of the night

behind a paper wall 
harsh words are overheard
 a national embarrassment 
the peoples enemy attend a meeting there
assemble evil plans - with the others
constructed rival battles among sisters, brothers
went to war on false pretenses in deception and denials
last lines are morally defected - a melted fuse

now gray violet skies are covered
in a large blooded quilt of carnage
 what did they ever gain - but shame
the cowards,traitors and the liars 
a sad saga to the very end


in cosmos our spirit speed until the nightfall
a million stars twinkled - then exploded

endlessly the old fell down to earth - divided yet entwined
an extra ordinary ray gave birth - to the bright and shining new
the false inner walls on every side have fallen
peoples army swept away all foreign devils,turncoats,ghosts

after the Liberation Day arrives a bright beginning
the long great awaited home-coming

the big scrub will begin at once
the hard work of purification
the hills and valleys will grow green again
the rivers will flow pure and clean
the wind so soft and mellow

in startling revelation
with clarity and oversight 
recounted:a long painful fight
between the past and our future -
finally a great victory achieved
we will salute in unity 
our peoples revolution.


By Hiyam Noir
August 14 -2008

Strike the Wall 

The photo above:Narrating the Rafah border crossing in year 2008, ten of thousands' Palestinians breached the wall of shame to Egypt, returning back to Gaza with food, fuel, medicine and other good and much needed survival stuff:)Photo artist Fady Adwan /Propa Images/PalestineFreeVoice 2008

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