Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gaza Interior Ministry : Israelis are " taking advantage" of world's focus on revolts in Middle East

By Hiyam Noir
February 27 2011

Gaza Interior Ministry released a statement on Sunday, saying recent reports of projectiles fired from Gaza as being false, the ministry accused Israel of fabricating the claims in the interest of world public opinion.

Reports on unconfirmed projectile fire from Gaza came on the 25th and the 27th of February, when the Zionist authority and told journalists that long-reaching projectiles was fired from Gaza,  by  a cell from Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades,a West bank based armed fraction connected to Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas, and the Islamic Jihad military wing of the Al Quds Brigade.In both cases, the Palestinian resistance factions never reported a launching of the projectiles, and the reports are remained unconfirmed.

The Gaza Interior Ministry further accused the Zionists entity of launching tales as a cover for ongoing settlement activity in Jerusalem and the ongoing "Judization" of the city. The statement also said that the Israelis are " taking advantage" of the world's focus on the revolts in  the Middle East , preparing to ramp-up its aggression on Gaza.

In mid January,before the protests started in Cairo and while Hosni Mubarak was still in power,the Egyptian officials is reported of direct warnings to Gaza government officials against an escalation in projectile fire, telling the high officials in Gaza that rocket fire from Gaza could lead to a new Zionist offensive against Gaza. In a January 13 meeting with it's high security officials Ismail Haniyeh called upon armed Palestinian factions to refrain from actions that could endanger Gaza. The instructions were interpreted as a call to join Hamas'two-year ceasefire with the Israelis.

According to the position of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza; 

Resistance against the occupant " Israel"is a viable option for securing Palestinian self-determination.The majority of strikes was directed at Zionist forces operating near the borders of Gaza,or Zionist forces trespassing into Palestinian territories.

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