My dignity is not for sale.What we learn in Lakota is that all human beings are born with equal human dignity. It is the failure of some to be able to recognize this simple truth, often blinded by their greed and need to take, which causes so much human suffering in the world, so in this respect I agree with what Mr. Jasson stated.

Our people, and that of our sister captive nations in North America, have thought much about fully internationalizing our desire to end colonization, genocide, and the continued occupation of our lands by the United States of America and British Canada. I think however ultimately this desire cannot be fulfilled by a United Nations that can so easily be held hostage by any single nation.

Perhaps the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court may be a better venue than the U.N. to address our issues. Certainly our entirely separate sovereignty, and I am speaking of Lakota specifically, does give us full authority to separately enter into binding international agreements, including recognizing the authority of the ICC, even if the United States continues to refuse to do so. Perhaps this too is the proper venue for the Palestinian people to further seek international justice, too?

I recall the United Nations charter itself pledges nations to respect binding nation-to-nation agreements.One such agreement was the partition of Palestine by general assembly resolution 181. Yet when such agreements are openly violated, and one party is able to unilaterally prevent their enforcement through the general assembly, what is the next step? I am curious for our peoples have binding nation-to-nation agreements that are openly violated by one party also, so I am looking for answers we can apply, as well as those that may help the Palestinians finally receive the dignity and security of living in their own nation.

From MWC