Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When a no-fly zone over Gaza ?

The question is: When will the UN ( the world community ) in a sense of justice support a no-fly zone over the impoverished and immured Gaza?

By Fathi El-Abed,
Danish Palestinian Friendship Association.

Published April 5, 2011  03:01 am

What joy that the UN, world community and anyone with some sense of justice has supported a no-fly zone over Libya. It has been necessary to protect a civilian population that was destined for a penalty of Colonel Gaddafi's armed forces for having risen against his regime.

An almost total world community saw the need to protect a civilian population against a superior force. And it is human, desirable and considered to be a doctrine that must be followed whenever a people choose to engage in a struggle for freedom and independence.

The question is: When will the UN ( the world community ) in a sense of justice support a no-fly zone over the impoverished and immured Gaza?

Yes, the situations are comparable. And maybe even more so than that. Because when you think of Gaza as the world's largest open-air prison, with over 1.5 million. Palestinians trapped in the fifth year without free access to either the necessaries or the beautiful world outside the Strip, high walls - and even being bombed by Israel's ultra-modern and powerful air force - it is not hard to figure out how disproportionate  this "battle "is.

Broadly speaking the Palestinian people are fed up, they demand, peace, freedom and independence from a vicious Israeli occupation that has lasted for over four decades and which has robbed them not only from their freedom, but also of their lands which constitutes the backbone of the future Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as it's capital.

In the name of decency and justice

And when the requirement for a no-fly zone over Gaza is required, then it is solely to avoid being accused of "requiring" the impossible.

Palestinians want neither a regime change in Israel - although both Palestinians as the Israelis undoubtedly will benefit from it - or that warplanes from an international coalition to go on the attack against the Israeli occupation army, who are in their thousands around Gaza and are constantly bombing across the narrow Gaza strip.

The Palestinians ask the international community to do the least of human decency, in the name of justice. Without regard to the eternal conscience against the Jewish people. And without regard to the eternal postulate about an Israel that is threatened in its existence.

The Palestinian people need a no-fly zone over Gaza to prevent Israel's war machines to launch bombs and missiles aiming at pulverizing the modest infrastructure of Gaza. Such a motion, of a no-fly zone over Gaza, will take more consideration to the safety of the civilian population than to their executors.

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"Palestine is the heart of Arab countries" - PalestineFreeVoice

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