Friday, April 8, 2011

Israel use laser accuracy systems to target and kill civilians in Gaza

 April 8 2011 - 15:30 pm

PalestineFreeVoice GAZA - The cycle of Israeli violence across the immured Gaza continues.

The criminal Zionist entity " Israel" have killed 14 and injured more than 60 people in 48 hours.

The civilian population in Gaza Strip are targeted and killed for the second day. A massacre in Khan-Younis City was followed by air born attacks on the small village of Absan in the eastern parts of Khan-Younis. Israelis missiles killed Najah Eqdeih 45, and her daughter Nedal Eqdeih 20, and  left 3 other people wounded. The bodies of the dead and the wounded are  transported to An-Naser Hospital.

In the small village of Khuza'a the criminal Zionist entity of  "Israel"  launched 2 rockets against a group of people also leaving terror and death, AbdAllah EL-Qarra and Mo'ataz Abu Jame' was assassinated in this attack.

Heavy machine gun fired on the road between Rafah and Khan-Younis , killed Talal Abu Taha 54, who was walking in a road in the area. Four other civilians were injured by heavy machine gun fire when they were running to take shelter in their  homes.
On Friday after noon the Israelis fired missiles from spy planes ( Drones ) using laser accuracy systems targeting a group of citizens whom where gathering in the northern part of Biet - Lahia, after Friday prayers. Ra'ed Shehada, 27, a Palestinian operative  leader of the Ezzedine AL-Qassam Brigades was assassinated. The medical crew of the hospital have identified the burnt and charred body of Ra'ed Shehada, directly hit by the missile.

 Mean while writing this report, sources say a massacre is unfolding  in the Shehaiya neighborhood. The Israeli systematic structure of terror and death have killed 5 people there and that many more are wounded !

Breaking news :19:00pm 08/04/2011

Israeli artillery fired heavy bombs towards civilian homes in the Shehaiya neighborhood.One of these bombs hit a group of people sitting down nearby the Hetten School in eastern Shejayia this attack killed the child Mohamed EL-Jaro 12,, and an unidentified person,11 people are wounded.
According to sources from Kamal Edwan Hospital one of the people injured earlier today, in the attack in the northern part of Biet-Lahia have now died of his serious wounds.

With the confirmation of death of Ahmed Ghorab 31, in less than 24 hours 14 people have been killed and more than 60 are injured.

When can we expect the international community to use the rule of law and measure out harsh justice to protect Gaza against the wanton vicious crimes conducted by the rigid and inexorable Israeli enterprise ?

"Palestine is the heart of Arab countries" - PalestineFreeVoice

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