Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daily Israeli attacks on Gaza - many killed and injured.

 Saturday April 2 2011, 07:44 am

PalestineFreeVoice, GAZA - In the back scenery of the unrest in Middle East the Israelis war conducted against the Palestinians in Gaza can continue unrecognised

On Sunday two Palestinian resistant fighters were killed when Israeli war planes struck the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.

On Tuesday four civilians were killed, among them 3 members of the Al Helou family. They were assassinated in cold blood by Israeli state terrorists, near Nazaz Street in eastern parts of Shejayia.Two children and a parent of the Al Helou family and the 20 year old Mohammed Saber Harara, were playing football in front of their house when they were struck by a missile, they carried no weapons.

Mohamed Jehad AL-Helou 11Yr
Yaser A'ehead AL-Helou 16Yr
Yaser Hamid AL-Helou 50Yr
Mohamed Saber Harara 20Yr

Some time after the attack in Shejayia, an Israeli Navigator System plane ( Drone: a computer manoeuvred spy-plane), launched a shell bomb, targeting members of Islamic Jihad who were gathering outside the eastern parts of Al-Zayton surveying the Israelis invasion of Palestinian air- space.The shell bomb killed four young men, all in their early twenties they were left bleeding to death in the sand dunes.

Adham EL-Harazien
Sa'ady Hellis
Mohamed Abeed
Mohamed EL-Harazien

At the time of publishing this report, Israeli war planes are still hovering over Gaza air-space,and medical crews from Al Shefa Hospital are still finding injured people. 38 injured victims are found, including 6 women who were celebrating Mothers Day with their 15 children and  Israeli war planes are still hovering over Gaza air space.
The list of killed Palestinians is provided by Al Shefa Hospital.


"Palestine is the heart of Arab countries" - PalestineFreeVoice

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