Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking news; Israeli airstrikes over populated areas in Gaza, 7 killed - 14 wounded

Rafah April 07: Smoke rise from smuggling tunnels area at the border between the Rafah refugee camp southern Gaza Strip to Egypt after it was targeted by an Israeli raid on April 7, 2011 killing two people and wounding 14. ( Sniper Photo )

April 7, 20011 - 9:34 pm

PalestineFreeVoice GAZA -The Israelis have intensified its attacks on Gaza. Israeli tanks, gunboats and fighter jets jointly targeted the Gaza Strip on Thursday. Apache helicopters launched a new round of missiles just an hour ago,against a group of people in the southern city of  Rafah, wounding at least 14, and killing four young men:
Mos'ab EL-Soffi 18yr.
Mohamed EL-Mahmoum 22yr.
Khaled EL-Debari 21yr.
Saleh EL-Tarabien 31yr.
The Israeli hostility rages on, seven people are killed today and more than 33 people are wounded since overnight,from Israeli air-borne attacks on populated areas in Gaza. On Thursday evening Israeli warplanes launched missiles targeting a group of people, in the neighborhood of  the Beit Lahia Project. According to Palestinian medical reports 2 people were wounded, and less than thirty minutes ago transported to Kamal Edwan Hospital. We are surveying the skies over Gaza, the airspace is covered by Israeli helicopters and Drones - reconnaissance planes.


"Palestine is the heart of Arab countries" - PalestineFreeVoice

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