Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wyoming legislature poised to ban funeral food

Both Maine and Wyoming legislatures have been trying to craft law that would skirt the grossly unpopular 2010 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Two versions of the Wyoming Food Freedom Act didn't make it out of committee. The Casper Trib tells us:

Under the bill, homemade foods served at weddings, potluck dinners and charitable events would not be subject to state food safety regulations. The Senate, however, inserted language into the legislation that would allow cities to adopt their own licensing and inspection rules.
It is already within the purview of most county health departments (the goddess affirms that as Jeffco Health Officer she has the authority) to walk through and inspect any place where food is sold or distributed, but that the resources are blissfully unavailable to police every funeral. Permits for large events are issued through the County Sanitarian.

Gardeners, home producers, and permaculture types resist compliance under the law on grounds that the potential absolute liability for giving somebody a carrot or some salsa made right out of the garden threatens the very core of community. ip, too, confesses discomfort about the insidious tendency of this law to creep into the courts and ultimately coerce individuals into purchasing personal liability insurance. Existing Montana law posits that food being sold under compliance is safe.

Sounds like another lawyers wet dream, innit?

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