Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Are #GPC Debate Criteria? Public KKK?

Elizabeth May and the Greens call the Consortium's decision "arbitrary". Fine, so what are their criteria? If not at least one MP, as was the case for the Bloc & Reform in 1993, and Progressive Conservatives in 1997, AND WHICH THE GREENS ACCEPTED IN 2008, what are their concrete criteria, devoid of self-interest? Public financing? That's 2% of vote. 2%. The KKK and the far-right could get 2%. So the KKK should be allowed into debates if they get 2% of the vote?

And the Greens are claiming 6.8% = 1 in 10 voters. Ha! If their math is so bad, just think how bad their whole argument is.

What a bunch of cynical lying hypocrites. Just like all the rest. Very sad.

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